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What our clients are saying...

"I am so grateful to be able to see Becky for my routine colonic treatments. Purging mucus and insidious pockets of stool are of paramount importance to me.  These benefits coupled with enhanced bile flow and the detoxifying benefits to my lymphatics keep me routinely coming back for more. Becky's amiable, approachable personality make receiving colonics from her an experience that I look forward to."

—Kim Wilson, EAMP, LMP

What our clients are saying...

"Becky, is not just a great, generous and loving, she is also very knowledgeable about wellness and nutrition. She is about love and helping people and it reflects in her practice. I am dealing with chronic Lyme disease and when my body is in crisis her therapy is what relieves my painful symptoms, without any harmful side effects, in a loving, peaceful, comfortable atmosphere.

"Becky has been a life saver for my wife and me.  We both work to detox and an integral part of detoxifying is hydro colonics.  Without colonics the toxins can build up and create a toxic system, just the thing we are trying to clear up. We are so grateful we found Becky and hydro colon therapy."

—Tony Talacko

What our clients are saying...

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